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Growing sustainable communities together.


Understanding Electric Rideshare

Creating positive impact through our strategic partners.

We partner with leading real estate developers and hospitality companies to deliver a new way to access the latest electric cars and micro-mobility vehicles as an amenity for residences and guests. The shift away from privately owned vehicles to shared electric vehicles and micro-mobility options is part of how we will get from A to net-Zero.

Success in shifting behavior towards sustainable transportation.

1 Kite vehicle, replaces 10 privately owned vehicles


~7 million pounds of CO2 emissions reduced annually


Potentially reduced vehicles across CDN mrkt


Recent Partners

Solving our challenges and congestion

Private vehicle use is one of the world’s largest sources of greenhouse gases, with emissions rising each year. Introducing Kite helps reduce costly parking infrastructure, helps our partners meet regulatory requirements and removes up to 10 vehicles for each car share added – reducing congestion.

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