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Kite x Toth Group

We're partnering to deliver best in class electric mobility for residents & guests. Toth Group encompasses a group of companies and operates as an umbrella organization to Elevate Living Niagara Home Builders, Elevate Living Developments, and Toth Group Investments.

Tesla Model 3

Zoomo Zero

Segway Ninebot  MAX

Introducing Warbler Place,

and The Locke 1 & 2


Warbler Place

As you stand among the homes and thousand trees where once was pavement, you will find a diverse community nestled in the heart of Niagara.

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The Locke 1 & 2

Niagara’s finest purpose-built, MOVE-IN-READY, condominiums, featuring spacious 2 bedrooms/2 bath Deluxe suites, AND 4 bedrooms/ 4 bath Quad Suites.

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