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Safety & Legal


Safety is an obsession

Cleaning your vehicles
Each of our vehicles is disinfected regularly. Kite follows rigorous process to regularly clean and disinfect each of our vehicles.

Personal hygiene
We share trips, we share vehicles. That’s why personal hygiene is important to us. We do our best to ensure that every experience is as good as the last, and we rely on our community to support our initiative of cleanliness as they enjoy their rides.

Caring for pedestrians
Unless otherwise stated by local laws, we do not allow riding on sidewalks. This can endanger members of our community, and cause harm to riders. Let’s be good neighbours and look out for one another.

Bike lanes
If bike lanes are available, we encourage all riders (e-scooters & e-bikes) to ride within or close to the curb unless othewise stated by local law.

Ride with two hands and please don’t ride if you’ve been drinking alcohol or under the influence of any
medication or substance which would otherwise impair your judgement or physical coordination and ability
to ride or drive safely and within the law.

Follow the signs
Follow all traffic signs and rules of the road.

Need Support?

Toll-free 1-855-554-5483 (KITE)

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Safety & Legal

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