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Getting Started

How to Ride

Booking your vehicle and starting your trip

Our vehicles have been designated through Kite authorized partner properties and are available to both guests and residents of these properties. To find out if your property offers Kite, inquire with your property management.

Your properties unique 4-digit code will be required in order to begin your ride.

Where to find your vehicles
When vehicle icons appear on your property icon, it means those vehicles are available to ride. The number of available vehicle types will be marked in each property selection.

Starting a ride
Participants must read and sign the Terms & Services Waiver and Release Agreement prior to renting an e-vehicle from the fleet.

Make sure you allow your app to use cellular data in the background and that you enable Bluetooth connectivity.

To start a ride, scan the QR code on the vehicle or manually enter the four/five digit code written beneath the QR code. Codes will often begin with a letter and end in a 4-digit numeric. Press “Unlock Vehicle”.

Ride zones
Operational zones are designed to surround your property by a 20km radius* (e-Bikes & e-Scooters) and are open to e-Cars as they have been designed for longer trips. Please contact us at to learn more.

Need Support?

Toll-free 1-855-554-5483 (KITE)

Trouble With Your Ride

Safety & Legal

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