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You can contact us by email at: or toll-free at:
1-855-554-5483 (KITE)

Distance of a Ride
A fully charged e-Bike or e-Scooter can go on average 20 to 25 km depending on the vehicle and terrain conditions. Riders can travel up to a 20km radius on e-bikes & e-Scooters and as their battery permits on e-Cars as long as you ride within the operational zone. Please ensure you check the battery level prior to and when you have safely arrived at your destination, to ensure you have sufficient battery to return home.

Operating Cities
We are constantly expanding our reach and service. You can inquire online or by emailing us at

Speed of Vehicles
It is important to follow the safety and regulated rules, and laws of your area at all times. Vehicle speed varies by market and municipality regulations.

Our vehicles (e-Bikes & e-Scooters) have a recommended maximum weight limit of 250lbs (120kg)

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Toll-free 1-855-554-5483 (KITE)

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