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Central Parc Laval

With rooftop infinity pools, terraces, fitness centres and more, Central Parc Laval’s condo project offers its residents an exquisite collection of amenities.

*This service is only available for residents and guests of Central Parc Laval in accordance with the Terms & Conditons outlined here.

BMW i3 (Red)

Building 1

BMW i3 (Black)

Building 2

BMW i3 (Blue)

Building 1

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BMW i3 eCar Rental Bookings

First, we'll need a little info.

Thank you. Please continue to select your vehicle and time.

License Upload
Selfie Upload

Getting you set up

With Kite, your mobility is helping support a world of clean commuting, creating access to travel, experiences and each other. Connecting through shared mobility - enjoy the ride.

Let's get you riding.

Step 1: Enter the requested profile entries below, along with a valid driver's license and selfie



Step 2: Please select from 1 of 3 BMW i3s, along with your desired rental time below.

*You must live in the building of your selected vehicle.

Each keybox is located next to one of the three BMW i3 eCars within parking garage 1 and 2 - level 1.

Starting your trip


Step 3: Prior to your scheduled time, you will receive a SMS with a unique code to the key lockbox.

Thank you

Upload Photo
Upload Photo
Where is the damage located?

Before you ride


Step 4: Before you start your trip, check the vehicle for damage - both interior & exterior, & send us photos.

All Kite Mobility vehicles are non-smoking. Vehicles must be returned to the location where your trip was started. Vehicles must be plugged into the reserved Kite charging stations before ending your trip. Any damage during your trip, must be reported immediately. Failure to meet these requirements can result in a surcharge of a $50 minimum administration and product fee. Contact for details.

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